Senior Care Auditors Certified to be the Best®

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Become PenroseCertified® — A Professional Career Opportunity

Penrose Certification Program

Begin your rewarding, flexible career with tremendous growth opportunities by becoming PenroseCertified. Once certified, you may contract with Penrose Senior Care Auditors to conduct Penrose Check-Ins for their clients.

OltyAByE5oBZnKgAUAPHIyxzFd1lJUIMwELM-MmHtjEVisit seniors where they live and conduct Penrose Check-Ins using our proprietary 7-Factor Senior Care Audit. You will help to improve the lives of seniors and provide families across the country the peace of mind to know their aging loved-ones are doing okay.

Our best-in-class Penrose Certification Program has been developed to ensure you have the skills and support to serve a vital role in assessing seniors and their living conditions.

PenroseCertifiedPenrose Senior Care Auditors created this new important service as well as the certification program. Don’t accept imitators. PenroseCertified® signifies passage of the Penrose  Certification Program™ – what clients look for in hiring the best.

Our developing technology provides Auditors with the tools to be accurate, efficient, and successful.